Spend a Day At the Oklahoma City Zoo


Oklahoma City has only been around for a little over 100 years, but in that short amount of time it has managed to become one of the biggest and most prosperous towns in the Midwest.

Originally settled as a place for Sooners to get supplies for their homesteads, it quickly became a large frontier town.  Railroads were put in place and Oklahoma City’s future was secured.

Within a decade or two the discovery of massive oil reserves in the area attracted thousands of people looking to make their money in this revolutionary new business.  Not just oil tycoons, but all the necessary supporting businesses began to show up and thrive within a short amount of time.

With time some of this money went towards improving the city.  The oil industry, while extremely profitable, didn’t attract the most sophisticated individuals and those that had made their fortunes looked for ways to improve on the city.   One of these improvements was the Oklahoma City Zoo.

Originally founded in 1902 as a small park for people to come look at deer, it soon turned into a popular destination with all sorts of other animals.

Over the next several decades the zoo survived a variety of small disasters including the dustbowl years of the Great Depression.  This was a low point for the zoo.

But in recent years Oklahoma City and it’s zoo have experienced a rebirth.  It is now one of the most popular attractions in the city.  It showcases hundreds of animals and hosts thousands of people all year long.

Here is a map if you’re interested in visiting on your next trip.


Some of the more popular attractions in the zoo include the rhino exhibit, the reptile exhibit, and the giraffes.  If you’re interested in learning more about the OKC Zoo you can visit their website here. https://www.okczoo.org


The Top Hotels in Oklahoma City

skrivin hotel in oklahoma city.jpg

If you are passing through Oklahoma city or the famed” horse show
capital of the world”, then you probably understand the kind of rich
rugged culture that emanates from the city. From the memorial towers to the
botanical zoo, you might not be able to resist the temptation of spending at
least a night here. Here are a few recommendations on some of the best hotels
in Oklahoma City

1. 21c Museum Hotel

The 21c Museum hotel is a commemoration of art, culture and luxury
living. Located on the west end of downtown Oklahoma City, the hotel boasts of
a wealth of culture and art. Featuring comfortable rooms, chef-served
restaurants, and a world class museum, you will be sure to get your worth of
money in artistic indulgence.

The hotel has around 135 rooms with guest rooms imitating the original
loft rooms from New York Soho. The hotel is renowned for its Mary Eddy’s
Kitchen X Lounge which is led by Chef Jason Campbell. You can be sure to find
top notch in-dining and catering services.

There is also the spa services, a 24-hour fitness center, and the
business center. The 21c museum is open to guests of the hotel and features its
own shop.

2. The Colcord Hotel

Completed in 1910, the Colcord hotel is now housed in what used to be
the first sky scrapper In Oklahoma city. It is situated in downtown Oklahoma
about 20 minutes ride from the airport and 10 minutes from the River walk park.
Due to its rather old heritage, the Colcord is known for retaining its original
elements ranging from marble columns to bronze elevator doors.

The hotel provides spacious rooms in intimate 11-room floors. The hotel
has a 24-hour fitness facility coupled with a bar, lounge, and restaurant.
There is ample valet parking and a shuttle is available for those looking to go
downtown to the museum.

This is a family friendly hotel which provides state of the art services
and with a touch of elegance!

3.  The Skirvin Hilton

Known for hosting some of the most important people in world history and
celebrities, the Skirvin hotel Hilton remains to be a historical landmark in
the heart of Oklahoma City.

It is a go to venue for events, parties and accommodation alike. The
services provided at the Skirvin aim at treating everyone who walks through the
door like the celebrity they are. The hotel is great for ballroom shows and
large group parties. It features a business center, fitness center. For diners,
you can have jaw dropping delicacies at the Park Avenue grill or the red piano


4.  The Renaissance Waterford Oklahoma

Situated 8km from Oklahoma and with free parking, the renaissance hotel
offers luxurious rooms with private bathrooms, walk-in showers, and other
amenities. The rooms have heavy thread linens coupled with 47″ TVs. For
outside amenities, the Renaissance has a heated outdoor pool, a fitness center,
and a business center. It is about 10 minutes away from Nichol hills and the University of Central Oklahoma.

5. The Sheraton hotel

If you are looking for southern cuisine, then the place to be is the
Sheraton hotel, at the 1889 restaurant. The lounge offers cocktails, frozen
drinks, and bottomless appetizers. The Sheraton is a few minutes’ walk from the
myriad botanical gardens and the Oklahoma City museum of art. Each of the rooms
has a well-lit bathroom, a work desk and a safe. You can also have your laundry
done as you work out at the 24-hour fitness center.

Whether you are visiting Oklahoma City for business or for pleasure there are plenty of hotel options from which to choose.  For local business you can check out http://www.oklahoma-criminal-defense.com/